Xotic EP Booster 9V vs. 18V

Just a quick video to see if there is a tonal difference when you use the (AWESOME!) EP Booster with a 9V or a 18V power adapter. Played with the same settings on amp, same guitar etc, on bedroom level!

Please note that there might be a difference with higher headroom, which I couldn’t really test with my settings!



The Disclaimer: I don’t do these videos and reviews professionally and only use gear I can afford. The subject of this video/review is the gear reviewed, not my playing, thankyouverymuch. Please let me know what I could do better in future videos or what gear you would like me to review! Thanks for watching and/or reading!

Used gear: Fender Lonestar Strat MiM and/or Epiphone Les Paul with Seymour Duncan PUs, Fender Blues Jr. III, Sennheiser E906 into Scarlett Focusrite into Windows PC running Reaper. Drums by Toontrack.

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