Some Quotes

The mass of men lead lives of quite desperation – Henry David Thoreau

If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse – Jim Rohn

Any place on this planet, play the local anthem and shoot everone who stands up – you’ll invariably have raised the average IQ of those present – Someone on the Internet

You know, we don’t have the hardest job in the world. Let’s be frank. We have a very lucky, priviledged job where we get to do what we love. I mean, sometimes there is a hangover from the work that you can’t control. Because I think that when you’re doing some of the more toxic psychological scenes and you’re shouting or you’re drumming up rage, your body releases whatever chemicals and you can feel really bad the next day. It’s like having a hangover. You don’t know how much is exhaustion and how much is getting the character out of your system. I mean, it sounds more fancy and artistic to say “getting the character out of my system.” But it could just be that you’re totally shattered.

Actress Rosamund Pike on the question: “Amy (Dunn, from Gone Girl) is a very dark character. How did you shake her off?”, Empire Magazine

Life…it’s sexually transmitted and always fatal

– Someone on the internet




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