Mooer Green Mile vs. Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini

This is my little shootout of the Mooer Green Mile and the Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini. Both of them are true bypass, both cost (roughly) the same, both are small micro pedals.

I’ve had the Mooer for quite some time, really liked it’s kind of dirty sound, then I bought the Tubescreamer when it came out, just for the sake of this video.

Ultimatively, I kept the TS Mini, just because it sounds a little bit more “Hi-Fi” and warmer, especially during solos. But to be honest, I kind of miss my Green Mile, it maybe didn’t sound as rich as the TS Mini, but had a more unique tone to it! Because let’s face it, doesn’t everybody have a Tubescreamer on his pedalboard? Also, the Green Mile has two different modes (called “warm” and “hot”), which deliver quite different sounds, thus giving you more tonal options.

Anyways, here’s the video:

You want to know which pedal is “better”? Your guess is as good as mine!

I guess we could agree that they both are awesome, one sounds a little bit fuller and warmer, and if you play a lot of solos I think the TS Mini would be the better option for you, but if you play more rythm, do yourself a favour and at least check out the Mooer Green Mile! I delivers a lot of bang for your buck!



The Disclaimer: I don’t do these videos and reviews professionally and only use gear I can afford. The subject of this video/review is the gear reviewed, not my playing, thankyouverymuch. Please let me know what I could do better in future videos or what gear you would like me to review! Thanks for watching and reading!

Used gear: Fender Lonestar Strat MiM and/or Epiphone Les Paul with Seymour Duncan PUs, Fender Blues Jr. III, Sennheiser E906 into Scarlett Focusrite into Windows PC running Reaper. Drums by Toontrack.

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