A Mental Affair


A Mental Affair (short: AMA) was a band that existed from early 2009 to late 2011.
In this time we wrote and recorded songs worth of 2 or even 3 full albums. You can listen to some of our music below.

A Mental Affair was:
Guitar and Vocals: Michael K.
Guitar: Jonathan L.
Bass: Marek S.
Drums: Lorenzo V.

Stars learning to orbit
Early Stuff

Pictures: A Mental Affair was a band that not only tried to write interesting songs, but also took time to create imagery that supported the mood of the music. Here are some sets of photos and artwork:
Some random pictures
Pictures of some live shows
The Evolution of the Logo – Lorenzo made a beautiful logo for AMA. Here you can see the steps from the first draft to the finished design.
Covers – we had the idea to make covers for every single on of our early songs. Here are some of them!

Our drummer Lorenzo was (and still is) a very enthusiastic and talented film-maker! Check out the stuff he did for A Mental Affair!

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